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New Year New...Business Me!

Welcome to my first blog post! As you may know, I'm a mobile traveling notary public based in North Hollywood CA. One of my New Year's resolution (for my business) is to grow my notary public business. One of the things that I noticed was that I was not getting a lot of traffic on my website. I called quite a few website designers to look at my website, and to give me their honest feedback. What was the main issue? They all said that same's ugly, it's not user friendly, and it doesn't make you want to stay on your website. WOAH! That's not good! I hired a website designer right away to fix my problem. AND HERE WE ARE! Welcome to my new website! WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I am extremely pleased with my new website. It's user friendly, has a more welcoming feel to it, has a chat option, and more. All was done in one week! Thank you, Jasmine! This is her website -->

It has only been a week since it has been up and I could already see there is traffic, and potential clients staying on my website longer than before. With all this new technology and date, you could track these kinds of things.

That's one thing checked off my list to growing my mobile notary business. I have a lot of ideas, and plans that I will need to take on and do one at a time. My website was my top priority! Check it out, and let me know what you think!

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