Live Scan

Mobile Live Scan Fingerprinting Services

Most Live Scan Operators will charge you a travel fee of $75-$100 just to meet with you! With me you pay a starting rate of $35. Don't pay more for the same fingerprinting service. Please call, text, or email me for exact prices no matter the amount of fingerprints needed for individuals or big groups. Furthermore, fees for Live Scan consists of a rolling fee for fingerprinting, submission to Department of Justice, and Submission to FBI. I am Department of Justice and FBI Certified.

 *please note after hours & weekends subject to a higher fee

Walk-Ins By Appointment Only

2000 Riverside Dr.

Frogtown, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Monday - Friday 9:00a to 4:30p

Office walk-ins are by appointment only!  As I am mainly busy with mobile services, I may not be at this location if you walk in. Please call to verify that I am here and/or to schedule an appointment to make sure I am here to service your needs.

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Live Scan Fingerprinting Rates

Please see our current processing fees as follows:

$26 Rolling Fee

$32 Department of Justice (DOJ) Fee

$17 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Fee If Required

...And Any Other Requesting Agency Fee If Required

*Please note that we do not receive your results nor do we have access to your reports. Only the requesting agency will receive your report from the Department of Justice. Please contact your requesting agency to check if they have received your report or check with the Department of Justice if your prints have been processed.

Phone Number - 323.388.7840


Wet Ink FD-258 Fingerprinting Rates

$50 with provided FD-258 card.

$45 if you provide your own FD-258 card.

Live Scan Services Offered: I could do live scan fingerprinting to the following but not limited to:


Teachers K-12

Licensed DMV Professionals

Foster Parents




Law Students


State & Government Agencies

Religious Groups & Churches

Sports Leagues

Massage Therapists

Private Detectives

Insurance Agents

School Bus Drivers


Notary Publics





Security Guards

Youth Organizations

Gambling Establishments

Vocational Schools





School District Employees and much more..