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Mobile Notary Services (Traveling Notary Services)

Most Notary Public will charge you a travel fee of $75-$100 just to meet with you! With me you pay a starting rate of $35. Don't pay more for the same notarization stamp. I also do jail & hospital visits. Visit the Jail & Hospital Visits page for services & pricing.

 *please note after hours & weekends subject to a higher fee

Walk-Ins By Appointment Only

Monday - Friday 9:00a to 4:30p

Some Saturdays 9:00a to 12:30p

Office walk-ins are by appointment only!  As I am mainly busy with mobile services, I may not be at this location if you walk in. Please call to verify that I am here and/or to schedule an appointment to make sure I am here to service your needs.

California Standard Rate $15 For Each Notarized Signature.



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24 Hour Notary Services 

If you need middle of the night services (11:00pm-6:00am) because of scheduling conflicts (graveyard shift, late meetings, etc.) contact me to set up an appointment.

*please note all notaries have their own definition of 24 hour services

Notary Services Offered: I could notarize signatures to the following but not limited to:

Statement of Consent

Traveling Consent for Minor

Parental Consent for Travel

Loan Documents

Living Trusts & Wills

Bill of Sale

Power of Attorney

Durable Power of Attorney

POA for Advance Healthcare Directive

Grant Deed

Quitclaim Deed

Deed of Trust

Demand Letter


Promissory Note

Personal Documents

Minor to Visit Prisoner


Amendment to Revocable Trust

Unclaimed Property Forms


Trustee Certification of Investment Powers

Real Estate Contracts

Construction Contracts, Contracts,

Jail Notary

Resignation of Trustee

Modification Agreements

Subordination Agreements

Rental Agreements

Compliance Agreement


Spousal Waiver

Release & Waiver

Certificate of Authorship,

Certificate of Identity

Plea Form

Copy Certification By Document Custodian


Sworn Statement

Student Enrollment Verification and much more..

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